Royalbrett's Set Needs List


Please see my set needs list and take note of my condition requirements below.

My email address is
I am a member of the Bench: royalbrett
I'd prefer do to any trading through the Bench

I collect George Brett (especially SGC graded).

For Brett, I don't have much 1996 and newer, so I'd be interested in trading for those (There is a post 96 Brett haves list at the link above).
I have very little autos or game used cards for trade.
I have a huge amount of cards available to trade for set builders in the same era as my set needs below.
I would prefer to trade set needs for set needs.

*****Unless noted, condition of cards for my set needs must be at least NrMt or better******
NrMt cards:
Do not have creases
Do not have wear or dings on two or more corners
Also, please check with me before you spend too much time making a long list of what you have for me, in case I don't have much to trade in return. I'm not interested in buying, unless I'm just paying for postage

Adrian D.